Funding and Institutional Relations

Banco BBM believes the sustainability of its business relies not only on sound asset structuring, but also on the quality of its funding sources, obtained through the diversification of products and creditors, as well as tailoring the maturity terms of its credit portfolio. Aligned to this concept, the Funding and Institutional Relations and the Private Banking areas, continuously offer fixed income securities issued by BBM to companies and individuals.

 In the domestic market, the Bank issues fixed income securities to institutional clients (banks, companies, asset managers, and insurers) and to Private Banking clients, mainly through the issue of Bank Certificates of Deposit (CDBs), Agribusiness Credit Bills (LCA), Real Estate Credit Bills (LCI), and Bank Notes (LF).   

Banco BBM is also present in the international market issuing Time Deposits (TDs) and Certificates of Deposits (CD) to all profiles of investors.



CDB (Bank Certificates of Deposit)

Traditional Bank Certificates of Deposit with attractive rates and Banco BBM’s credit risk

LCA* (Agribusiness Credit Notes) and LCI* (Real Estate Credit Bonds)

LCA >> Securitieslinked to receivables from agribusiness transactions.

LCI >> Securities linked to assets connected to mortgages.

Both securities are exempt from the Financial Operation Tax (IOF).

Bank Notes**

Long-term, fixed income investment, with Banco BBM credit risk and a pre-fixed yield or defined as a percentage of the CDI. This is intended for qualified investors seeking a differentiated yield, who have the capacity for long-term investments, with no need of early redemption.

  •  No liquidity.
  •  Minimum term: 2 years

* Product subject to the availability of guarantees.

** For clients who have previously banked with Banco BBM.

Foreign currency

Time Deposit


Certificate of Deposit are securities issued by Banco BBM’s branches that allows it to raise funds in foreign markets.