People Are Our Core Asset

Banco BBM is a center for identifying and grooming talents, which values the systematic pursuit of the latest knowledge and honors professionals who want to achieve their professional ambitions while adding value to the Group.

It's culture provides ideal conditions for practical learning, once it offers a direct contact with the financial market day-to-day dynamics through a broad exchange of knowledge inside a highly qualified professional and teamwork environment.

The pilar of its competence lies, above all, on its young and dynamic team.

BBM Group’s success attracts people that seek an intellectually challenging work and a well-paid job in an environment based on meritocracy.

Academic Profile
Distribution Percentage
Under-graduate 56,3%
Graduate School 32,2%
Others 11,5%
Total 100%
Investments in People
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Searching always for the most talented, BBM Bank is in close and direct contact with the academic environment, organizing activities in the Country’s best Universities and investing in identifying and grooming professional talents.

Support to Academic Development

To stimulate development, BBM encourages and supports academic projects through partnerships with top Universities. It also provides scholarships to undergraduate students that presents the best grades, undergraduate and graduate monitors, as well as master’s and doctorate students of Economics, besides granting awards to essays and theses.

Professional Growth

The professional development is closely followed by the area managers and the growth possibility is one of the main factors of motivation and mutual commitment between the Bank and its team.

The performance of all employees and interns is based on a performance assessment policy that aligns their professional growth trajectory to the company’s long-term results. The compensation includes semi-annual variable bonus tied to individual performance. 

Summer Job Program
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The Summer Job Program of Banco BBM offers students with excellent academic performance the opportunity to acquire professional knowledge in the bank’s strategic areas.  This program is conducted annually during the university recess period and offers an attractive benefits package

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Banco BBM is always in search of new talents. We believe that people are our most valuable asset. Thus, we seek professionals and interns who are creative, dynamics and, above all, ready to face challenges.

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